Montessori Method

Maria Montessori

This revolutionary approach to education was founded at the beginning of the last century by Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Dr. Montessori, who was both a doctor and a scientist before pursuing her interest in education, was the first woman to graduate in medicine from the University of Rome.

Following her close observations of children's behaviour, she was alerted to the high potential which exists within the soul of every child. She reached the conclusion that this potential is most prevalent during the child's first six years of life, when they are developing their five senses, absorbing language and becoming aware of their surrounding environment. She then set out to assist them along this path to 'human development' by creating a specially prepared environment, focusing on six main facets:

Montessori Method - Freedom

Each child is free to choose his/her own activities, as well as to move freely around the classroom.

Montessori Method - Order

The young child has an inner need for orderliness and routine. The Montessori teaching materials are carefully planned in progressive sequence on low shelves which are easily accessible to the children.

Montessori Method - Social Awareness

Children are encouraged to take care of their classroom, thereby developing respect not only for their environment but, as a result of grace and courtesy lessons, respect for one another.

Montessori Method - Beauty

Children's interests are awakened much more keenly with bright, colourful materials, and they will develop a greater respect for a beautiful environment.

Montessori Method - Nature

The children are introduced to various aspects of their natural world, including birds, animals, insects and flowers and they are encouraged to develop a caring attitude towards their environment.

Montessori Method - Teaching Materials

These specialised materials are presented by highly trained teachers who carefully observe each child and select materials to suit their individual needs.

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